Greetings. *solemn nod*

Hello all Internet skulking creatures you~  I am PenMaster, or Pen, or Pensie, or just plain, “Hey you.”. No, I’m not the master of pens, but I love pens and well it sounds downright cool. You know it does.

Anyways, I love to read. And after lots and lots of reading books, and learning how to write books, I realized that, “Hey, I can properly dissect books from a pretty unbiased point of view.”
So I thought, and thought, and thought some more, (you’ll see I’m a thinking person) and figured, “Hey I think I’ll write book reviews” and BAM I’m here. Deal with it if you haven’t already.
The kind of books I read actually are pretty far stretched from each other, so expect a certain level of variety. The kinds of reviews you’ll rarely find me read would be all-romance, historical fiction, and most kinds of vampire novels. I mean, I have read some, but not a lot. *coughs awkwardly*
Also amongst my rants about books, you might find rants about writing books. I happen to be a writer (although not a published one), and you will no doubt find me this November typing away for NaNoWriMo.
I will avoid writing about my personal life like a plague unless it’s to cook up an excuse as to why I haven’t posted anything. (If you end up caring if I post or not, in any case. Trying to cover up all angles here)
Okay, did I miss anything? No? Good. Then that is all, good-bye. *waves good-bye*

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