Ten Romance Novel Cliches

1. The main character dies. Or the love interest dies. The point is, SOMEONE DIES.

2. The main heroine is escaping an arranged marriage.

3. The main heroine is a plucky adventurous girl.

4. The main love interest is “cute but troubled”

5. The main heroine is kidnapped by a rival love interest.

6. There must be at least ONE misunderstanding in the plot that causes conflict.

7. Either the love interest or the main character must be “so humble it’s to the point of self loathing.”

8. The love interest must be rescued at one point or the other.

9. The male love interest is always “handsome” “hot” “beautiful”

10. The main heroine’s rival is obviously prettier than her, yet the main hero will love the heroine indefinitely. Even though the main heroine generally loves the main hero for his looks.

Yeah, I made this cause I’m currently READING a romance novel. *is shot* I figured I couldn’t be biased against romance novels without READING one. But I can’t help but be infuriated by these things anyways so yeah.


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